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Advancing early language acquisition for deaf children through quality educational programming in American Sign Language

ASL Resources

ASL Fingerspelling

Dr. Bill Vicars’ ASL Fingerspelling Tool 

Practice your receptive fingerspelling.  Choose the maximum number of letters and fingerspelling speed, then guess the word.  Fun way to learn!

Thanks Dr. Bill!

ASL Children's Books

ASL Storytelling Library /Crossroads / Texas School for the Deaf

Enjoy gifted signers bring cherished childhood stories to life through ASL.  The ASL Storytelling Library’s goal is to promote literacy and language learning skills with deaf and hard of hearing students.

ASL Dictionary

Signing Savvy ASL

Type in an English word and see a high-resolution ASL video sign.  The Signing Savvy Dictionary contains several thousand videos of signs, fingerspelled words, and other common signs.

ASL Grammar Textbook

A Basic Course in American Sign Language

by Tom Humphries, Carol Padden & Terrence J. O’Rourke

The book contains 22 lessons each containing two to four basic explanations of the ASL structures to be learned.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Resources

Children are the focus of Fred Rogers Productions. They specialize in connecting with kids through shows that are fun, appropriate and relatable

Brain Health and Language

This year we are happy to partner with Dr. Nussbaum and his Brain Health Lifestyle® that promotes ASL for ALL brains!

While American Sign Language (ASL) is health-promoting for all brains, it is vital for young deaf children.  Language is the path to unlocking their potential.  The following rich resources will guide you through the latest research and support for making informed decisions about your child’s Brain Health and Language.


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