Photo Credit: Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines Introduces Sign Language Uniform Bars under the leadership of Ed Bastian, CEO. In 2019 Delta Air Lines led the industry by rolling out language bars–not the kind of multilingual bar where you pull up a stool and order a craft beer. Rather, qualifying employees earn a language bar beneath their name tag that reads:  “American Sign Language.” Now passengers can easily identify those Delta employees fluent in American Sign Language (ASL). By taking this step forward Delta demonstrated its commitment to celebrating diversity and promoting inclusion for our world.

With over 300 different sign languages world wide, it is important to note that sign language is not universal like mime or gestures. Each sign language has its own grammar and syntax. The sign language most used in the United States is American Sign Language. Why learn American Sign Language? First, since researchers find that 70-93% of communication is non-verbal learning a visual language may feel more natural than you think. Second, Dr. Nussbaum suggests that sign language is healthy for ALL brains. Visit the ASL Friends website to learn more about Dr. Nussbaum’s insight. Thirdly, by becoming bilingual you improve your creativity, cognitive flexibility, and problem solving skills. With all the benefits of ASL, start the New Year 2021 off right by getting on-board!

Thank you Delta Air Lines for being attentive to the feedback of your customers. The skies and our world are now even more welcoming thanks to Sign Language Uniform Bars! To learn more about the Delta Air Lines Foundation click here.

–Kimberly Nussbaum, Founder & President of ASL Friends

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